Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ahhhhhhhhh, Saturday!

Saturdays have always held a very special place in my heart because I didn't have to get right up and dressed and head out of the house. Now that I am retired and can stay home and in pj's every day if I want, I work hard to keep Saturdays distinct and still special. It has a routine all its own-I will share it with you! First is breakfast and 2 pieces of toast-the only day that I indulge in this-eaten in front of a good book. (This is the second in a series of three by Lori Wick called The Rescue )

Next, I get going by picking up and straightening up-usually the kitchen is first that gets my attention, then I toss in laundry, never a burdensome chore to me.

Here is a trick my Mom taught me (and probably her Mom taught her....) that every good chore deserves a reward and I usually hit up a row or two between cleaning projects. This is about 35" across now, I knit a lot on the trip, but there is an error in the row below where I am so it is overwhelming to think how to correct the error. This was not a reward today!

So today I visited my sewing room to finish off some ideas. Mom and I re-covered her portable ironing board and it brought to mind my naked one sitting in storage so I tackled a new cover for it -pleasing results here!

I had seen one of these heat-proof padded covers for a tv tray and decided to make it next. I had bought the fabric while with Mom on our JoAnns excursion. Did you finish yours Mom? (If you look closely, you can see Bling behind the tray-he helped me all day and didn't appreciate being removed from the tray for the picture!) The summer rains are finally here-3 days in a row with afternoon rains! It is incredible what it does for the plants-it is looking very tropical out there.

And this is a new quilt that has been perculating in my head for a few months-I finally took the first cut and it went pretty quickly after that-the first cut is always the hardest, but you know that! I saw a picture an old Keepsake Quilting catalog and used the basic idea for this layout. I had purchased special templates to make the circle blocks while at the quilt show in NY--nice to put my souveniours to work!
Bill is treating me to some of his popcorn now which is a wonderful end to a great day.

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