Thursday, February 16, 2012

Another Week Unfolds

 We have been adopted by this neutered male cat-very sweet and very hungry.  I think the people down the road moved and left him behind.  He comes and visits in the house but does prefer his freedom.  And for the record, I am not the one that initiated this adoption-Bill is the father of this adoption!
 I made a matchbook type fold of this cardstock to make a sewing kit for the bride of the family wedding next month.  I have never been to a wedding where there wasn't a last minute panic for some pins or needle and thread so I thought this might come in handy.
 I included already-threaded needles with the colors in the wedding party,
 ....and some safety pins for the last minute mend!
 I loaded up Mom's wall hanging on the frame.  This will be quilted to match the quilt already finished .
 While hunting for fabric for the wedding ring pillow (more on that in the near future), I found my bag of sewing knick knacks to go in the shadow box.  Now that I can see what I have, I will be able to add to it at the local antique stores.
 I blended several fibers for this skein of yarn made from the undercoat of my sister-in-law's beloved yellow lab which died, a little bit of wool and some seacell fiber for softness.  I will be knitting a coin purse for her.
 This afternoon, Mom and I went to her church's sewing group to make sleeping bags for the homeless in our community.  We had a good group and thoroughly enjoyed each other's company.  (old ties are used for securing the bags in their rolled up state)
We also got two sleeping bags finished!  Many hands make light work, indeed!


  1. So, being retired doesn't mean you're not busy - it's just a different, and better, kind of busy. Only 20 more years until I retire...

  2. Love the shadow box--where did you finally find one?? would love to explore the antique shops and flea markets down there for things!!! sharon

  3. I think the sewing map for the wedding is a brilliant idea! and the quilt looks lovely, very spring like... and I still have a bag full of dog hair from my own old ladies to spin. should be enough to try a hat maybe...
    I can understand your DH - it's very hard to not look after an abandoned cat, esp. when they're well behaved. how mean to just leave and dump him there:((

  4. That's great that you all got together to help the homeless! A worthy cause for sure :)

  5. You've had a very busy week. Cute cat. Love you sewing kick knacks.

  6. What a great idea to take to the wedding!


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