Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Windmills and Turkeys

We have been having regular visits from this flock of turkeys-23 is the most we have counted so far!
They are beautiful visitors.
Mom and I did some sewing today; we began a new quilt called a windmill block.  (Mom's blocks)
So nice to work together!   (My blocks)
A little quilt for Millie on the frame.  (small Christmas wall hanging)


  1. Nice to finally have the turkeys move to your side of the neighborhood!

    The quilting is all lovely....

  2. Wow! That's quite a flock of visitors! Ha-ha!

  3. those turkeys look like the ones in own back yard at home--ask your Mom if she recognized any of them!! LOL Sharon

  4. IIt is a riot the horses love to watch the wild turkeys. It is fine when they are grazing but when the girls go for a ride they spook every time when they see them..lol.
    Great look using the windmill pattern. Looking great!!!
    Hope this goes I can't see the passwords with my eys so bad now. Maybe just using google will be enough.

  5. Too bad it's not near THanksgiving.

    The windmill blocks are really striking. I can see them turning in the wind.

    The "prove you're not a robot" words just get more and more interesting.

  6. Those windmill blocks are beautiful. I especially like the ones with bold colors and geometric fabrics. Yum!


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