Saturday, January 24, 2015

Beauty and the Beast

 Mom knit a hat for Ella.....who, rumor has it, hasn't taken it off since she received it!
I made one for Aria.  But I haven't been to the post office to send it yet...more on this at the end of this posting.
 I beat the blanket vs Elijah arrival-hot off the needles early this week,
 blocked with my new blocking wires-wow, so nice not to have swoops along the edge of the blanket!
 The yarn is wonderful in color but is sticky so be sure and not need to rip out any sections!
 Now just to wait for his arrival.......right after I get over my science experiment...
This week has been a colossal lesson on futility-where a reasonably creative human being has been reduced to a snot-leaking factory incapable of the slightest bit of well, too much of anything.  I supposed most of you have heard that the flu is sweeping the nation.  Well, I think someone should call Homeland Security.  My personal space has been severely invaded by a force of H3N2 or similar fiends.


  1. Boo hiss to germs...So sorry you've been hit so hard!

    Nice finishes in spite of the virus. It was nice of Cassandra to wait for you to finish the afghan!!! :)

  2. Poor you! It hasn't got me yet but it's only a matter of time. I have to take Daddio to the doctors on Wednesday and you know the waiting room is going to be crawling with germs.
    Love those hats AND that spectacular blanket!

  3. Oh no! Hope you feel better soon!

    Love the hats and blanket. Still not knitting.

  4. Ugh, feel better soon. I love the hats! My daughter would probably never take it off either!!


  5. that sounds nasty, I hope you can beat the invaders!! still, the blankie looks nice and so do the hats. and I love my blocking wires, they make life so much easier for lace knitters! get better soon!


  6. Pretty hats and blanket. So sorry you have the flu. So far, by dint of zinc tablets, Vitamin C, lots of prayers and sheer luck, I haven't had a sniffle in about a year. My fingers are crossed and my thoughts are positive (see, I'm hedging all my bets here). Get well soon!!

  7. Snot leaking factory,... that's a pretty good description of the flu all right. Feel better :(


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