Saturday, January 17, 2015

Hard and Soft Work

 The winter of remodeling continues in my parent's home.  We are pulling up the carpet in the back bedrooms-one room at a time so we have space to pile everything while we work!
 The floor is in great shape underneath this time, so that is good.
 But we are not going to miss the smelly old carpeting in the least.
 The guys spent an hour pulling old staples and pounding in nails to get it ready for the new flooring.  To be continued!
 I finally finished spinning the four ounces of angora!
 Then I wound it onto my yarn winder-397 yards of utter tactile delight!
 This yarn will be gracing the cuffs of fingerless mitts1
 I wound the skein.
 Can you see how soft it is?
And I labeled it because I am old enough to know how well I remember details like this!
 I snuck a bit of work on the new cowl.......
 when I was supposed to be working on this!  So I guilted myself into another two rows which means 2 hours of knitting!
 But this morning, I finished the cowl instead!
 It is out of the softest yarn called Effervesce by Yarn Bee at Hobby Lobby.
I used 1 1/2 skeins (224 yards per skein)  The pattern is from Drops Design 98-1.  If you find it on Ravelry, you will also find that it has been knit by a Russian woman and while I couldn't follow her pattern, I could pick up enough of her alterations to realize that the worsted yarn is knit two strands on number 15 needles.  The pattern unfolds right under the needles, just in a loftier and bigger pattern than the original.  It is perfect.  This is for my sister-in-law who requested it especially!  It will be in the mail on Monday!


  1. The cowl is gorgeous!!! Did you enjoy the knot enough that perhaps a daughter could get on the "yes, please" list for one of those?!

    It's exciting to watch the train house overhaul continue!

  2. I just pulled up all of Daddio's stinky carpet in the living room and replaced it with carpet tiles. It felt so good to be rid of it. I am equally anxious to go to town on the bedroom rugs but I need reinforcements. I realized pretty quickly I'm not up to that task by myself.
    That cowl is yummy! And as for that angora, I bet it is heaven. I've got some around here somewhere to spin. One day....

  3. So, is the yarn 100% angora? It looks so soft!!

  4. That angora yarn looks fabulous and I'm sure your SIL will Bec delighted to receive the cowl. Good work!


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