Monday, January 5, 2015

Snowflakes, Florida Style

Even Stormie is looking to the future~  she thinks we can't see her there.  Too cute.
 I worked on the chimney on New Year's day.  I was just going to work on drawing the grid but ended up putting up a few tiles and then a few more.....I am loving the way it looks.  I only put up the whole tiles and didn't do any cutting but I sure did cause a flare-up in my right arm!  It is hard to only have one arm....and the wrong one at that!  (the black pieces are spacers and will be removed when the tiles set!)
 All of the Christmas cactus' are out in full bloom-what a cascade of flowers!
 The camellias are all in bloom-white, pink and red ones line the driveway!
 The Turks' Cap hibiscus are still blooming but the frost anticipated later this week will probably send them to flower slumber.
 That is why I enjoyed the front yard walk while I could see all the color.
 The pencil cactus is very happy with the cool nights and warm days-very desert like!  The pink tips are his flowers.  Very creative...
 I did a bit of spinning in the morning before I messed with my arm.  I am still filling bobbins with angora!
 But I did finish another pair of boot toppers!  As long as I don't move my elbow, I can knit.  My left arm does all the maneuvering and it works!
 Today my arm works much more freely so I went into the sewing room to make this table runner.  It is wool with wool appliques applied with my embellishing machine-no sewing!
 I did manage to do the blanket stitch edge by hand off and on all day-it just took a lot longer but it was nice to be able to get the stitching on so it is on the table!


  1. So much to love in this post!
    The chimney is amazing. The snowflakes are gorgeous. The flowers are a treat for these January weary eyes.
    Hope the arm is better. I know what it's like to be missing an appendage for a while. It stinks.

  2. Lots of loveliness -- and nice to get to see glimpses of your corner of the earth again!

    The table runner is very fun!

  3. you manage more with just one arm than a lot of people with two! the chimney looks good, even "free-hand"! and I envy you for the zing colours in the garden a bit - right now it's pretty drab and dreary over here (and stormy...). can't wait for spring! I hope your arm is better soon - until then enjoy your visitors!

  4. What pattern is the boot topper? I really like that

  5. Sweet work on the chimney - that's a lot of tile! No wonder your arm hurts.

    Goodness I miss seeing flowers and that lovely pop of color is a sight for sore eyes. Spring need to arrive early here.

  6. The tiling looks great, the garden is pretty (you seem to be a fan of darkish pink flowers!), the knitting looks wonderful and the runner is gorgeous. What do you do in your spare time? LOL


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