Friday, January 30, 2015

Getting Upright

 I did well with getting up and showering and staying upright this morning-that meant we could proceed with the plans to drive up to see our newest grandson!  This was my car ride knitting-a new pair of socks for Caleb!
 Last night I finished this hat for Abigail.  It is called the Harmony Cloche'.
I used a single skein of Lion brand Heartland worsted weight yarn for  this.  A good knit once you figure out how to k5tog easily! lol
The happy new family......
...and the star with his great-grandparents!
And with his paternal grandparents.
Ella let me know that he was her baby, in case there was any doubt...
We took a walk outside for some energy discharge and alone time.  There was a lovely pond and gazebo we played in for a good visit.
It didn't take too long to see that Eli and mama were tired so we said our farewells until next time!
We did stop on the way home to buy some more yarn so I can finish the second cable cowl!  It sure does knit up fast on #15 needles!


  1. What a beautiful family!!! Baby is so cute! I love your hat and especially the color.

  2. They say that "possession is nine-tenths of the law" and Ella has obviously figured that out already! LOL

    Gorgeous family photos, definitely something to treasure.

  3. So neat! Babies are the best. Can't wait till I get to be a grandma :)

  4. 4 generations all together there. Blessings all around!!


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