Tuesday, January 23, 2018


 Catfish for dinner tonight!
David broke the curse of catching nothing while fishing with Grandpa!
In fact, he wants it recorded, he caught the biggest two fish!
 Younger grandsons were duly impressed with the catch, too.
My daughter always brought me the first daffodil from our field at the farm
 when she was growing up; 
 she brought me daffodils this visit-what a wonderful memory sparker!
Can you see my granddaughter between the daffodils? 
 It was a happenstance photo bombing!


  1. Daffodils! That reminds me that I was going to plant new bulbs last fall and forgot. :(

  2. Love blackened catfish!

    Cute photo-bomb.

  3. Wonderful memories - both new and old.

  4. Oh I like what Nancy, said! Too true! I loved finding for your granddaughter in the daffodil photo hehe. I have such happy and good photos of my son fishing with my mother. I often would go and just bring a book (too hot often in Hawaii to knit outside) and act as life guard since I am not big on fishing myself. Better for them to bond and enjoy themselves.

  5. Oh fishing is so fun, I think. But there are crazy ice fisherman on ice that worries me here. They MUSt think it fun. I did it once on a bitter cold day in a hut. If the weather stays cold I may walk on the lake tomorrow with Fireman. JUST off the sand, not deep!!! Flowers...so necessary this time of year. SO welcome anytime

  6. Delicious! The daffies are so pretty. Mine will be a long way off.


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