Wednesday, January 31, 2018

A New Yarn

 A silk sari 'yarn' to knit on large needles.
Not so easy on the hands but the color sure is a right and proper fix for me!
I don't know but what I will rip this out and start knitting from the bottom up and then I can go around and around until I run out of yarn instead of hoping I will have enough to do all the decreases!
This is the ball of silk all wound up and the instructions that came for this month's kit from the DarnGoodYarn Company. 
 It's nice to be pushed from your knitting comfort zone!


  1. I love the color of your new "yarn."

  2. I love the color as well. It's bright but soft if that makes sense. It's pretty and fun.

  3. Pretty! A few years back I bought some silk hankies and dyed them - then you rip them all apart to make yarn - they are beautiful but the processing is so hard on the hands!

  4. I've seen that yarn at fiber festivals but never seen it knit before. It's really pretty!


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