Thursday, January 18, 2018

It Looks Like This

 This is what 25*F looks like outside
and this is what it looks like inside!


  1. Oh, good golly! 25? In Florida? This is just crazy. I am really sick of these arctic temps. We just don't do this in Maryland either and it's taking a toll on my sanity. One of the outdoor feral kitties ran in the door this morning and straight down the stairs to the basement to hide in the warmth which she never does. Poor things.

  2. Oh my gosh. They are so darn cute. This is the time of year we go to the movies. We just saw the POSt and loved it

  3. Brrr! Glad you can stay inside by the fire.

  4. Nice and cozy inside! You don't even want to know what our outside looks like right now!

  5. LOL. Great picture and your outside looks quite a bit warmer than ours (snow still on the ground here).

  6. This winter certainly has been good for reminding us to be grateful for our snug houses, hasn’t it?!


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