Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Mitts 'n Strokes

 Another pair of the Tough & Toasty mitts off the needles
-these use such a small amount of sock yarn,
 that they fit the scrap sock yarn category for projects! lol
 While the boys tore around enjoying the bit of sunshine warmth the afternoon brought us,
I put the foreground sea oats into my painting.
 I had taken this picture while squatting down in front of the dunes before the beach. and knew someday I was going to paint it!
That day has come!

(Just in time, too, because my art teacher wants me to put this one in the gallery show this Friday.
It's up to me to list it for sale or not-that was an easy call for the watercolor paintings,
 except for a few of them, in particular , the architectural ones.
I could always do a series and paint this one again, right?
But my first painting?!!!!
That might be tough to part with.)


  1. Well done! I can see why it would be difficult to part with this painting.

  2. I wouldn't sell it! Looks great!!

  3. Oh those darling mitts! I'm going to have to make a pair. And your painting....I don't know about parting with them, but I guess you'd have a gallery otherwise.

  4. The mitts are fabulous! I've never done any in sock yarn or that pattern! I will try, since i love sock yarn and mitts so much. I like the way it knits up! Nice texture.

    The painting is lovely :) Enjoy the showing/sale whatever you decide.

  5. Those mitts are so cute! And the painting looks wonderful.

  6. Beautiful! Knew you could do it — proud of you for branching out again!

  7. You did a fantastic job, the painting is wonderful.


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