Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Rain-Really Rain!

 We were taking a nice swim in the late afternoon when it began to sprinkle...and then we got a real downfall; unlike any rain we have had in years!  4" of rain fell in just over an hour!  It was wonderful to see standing water in the yard!
 The driveway looked like a river!

 But it didn't take long for it to dissipate-it is thirsty sand under that grass!
 The pool filled up-almost overflowed, in fact!  Bill had released some earlier in the day and we were relieved he had!
The cats did what cats do best when you can't be outside....
 We didn't lose electrical power so I went back to work at the quilting frame.  This is a QuiltforKids from Millie.
 Very cute !  One of their new patterns in a kit.
 I used a bee panto but upon closer inspection, I think they are supposed to be lightening bugs but this works!
 I also made another journal cover.
All ready to be gifted to a budding journalist!

After dinner, since it was still raining, although much lighter , I did some spinning.  This is 3oz of bfl, fingering weight, 225 yards.


  1. What beautiful rain! (the quilts are yarn and journal cover are beautiful, too, but you see those much more often than you see rain down there!) :)

  2. What gorgeous fabric and colours in that QuiltForKids.

    Wow, that really was quite a downpour!

    We are having sunshine and unseasonable high temperatures; it should be the coldest month of the year, the forecast for today is 24*C (75*F). A sign that we may have a hot summer (as has the USA)?

  3. Whoa! That is some serious rain!

    I really like the journal covers. I have gifted lots of blank books to people and hope they get hooked on journaling.

  4. I'd prefer to get one downpour like yours than the constant wet days we've had all summer. though not your 100F - I can do without that:)) the cat looks like our dog - if it's raining she likes to hang about on the sofa....
    nice quilt, I like the "bee" fabric, esp. for kids!


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