Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Socks Plus

 Started a sock for our knit along-this is the blue faced Leicester I spun recently.
Got the first one done and started right in on the second.
 Voila-a pair of socks!  I wanted the needles so I could make these----->
 Another pair of Norwegian styled mittens.
 I have this up on the design wall-I have been tweaking it each time I walk in my sewing room.  ( Some more of the men's suit samples cut 6" square and looking at the picture helps me to point out areas that need more attention!)
Bling came in for a visit; he is so soft and fluffy-I can feel my blood pressure go down just stroking his fur!


  1. Wow! Speedy socks!

    I need a design wall - the floor is just not quite working! It's okay for layout, look, photograph, remove - but for come back and have another look, not so good!

    11pm Wed - raining - time for bed (I love the sound of rain on the roof).

  2. The socks are lovely; the mittens are already promising to be gorgeous and there's not even much there yet!

    Give Bling a stroke from me.

  3. A men's suit samples quilt - now that's some great repurposing!!!

    Love the purple socks!


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