Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tops and Bottoms

 Millie finished her tumbling blocks Dr Suess quilt top and I finished the quilting today-most of the fabrics are flannel and the back , too, so it will be a very comfy quilt!  (Yes, Nyki looks like she is inspecting the seams, doesn't she?!)
The raspberry socks are done-they look purple until I place them next to the other bfl socks I made and they the mulberry undertones are more pronounced.--The socks are so silky and cushiony-a very nice knit!


  1. I saw Dr Seuss fabric at the Big Box Store yesterday but I left it there! (Way too many things happening in my sewing world right now!)

    Lovely socks - they definitely look purple on my monitor.

  2. So, do you have a favorite sock pattern that you se mostly, or do you experiment around with different heels and toes?

  3. puh, you're one fast sock knitter - putting me to shame with so many unfinished pairs flying about! love the quilt top, very cheering colours and Nyki goes perfectly with those:)) you could quilt it with cat shapes?:))

  4. One of these days, I want to do a quilt! After I master the spinning and weaving and knitting and crocheting and well, we get the idea...lol Love the socks too!!


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