Thursday, June 7, 2012

Short Allotments of Time

 My sister in law, Shelly, had given me some of her golden labs pretty fiber to spin.  I spun it up and then knit her this little coin purse for a Darby memoir.
 It is nice to have something to remind you of one of those special pets.
 Speaking of pets, we have a new adoptee on the front porch;
as big guy , Bubba, has moved on.   We have searched for weeks and no sign of him.  We always have room for another little affectionate waif.  I have to come up with a good name for her now.


  1. So recuperation means running an animal adoption shelter, does it?

    Great use of the lab's fur!

  2. Darby's yarn turned out lovely.

    Sorry about Bubba :( ...looking forward to meeting your new resident!

  3. isn't it odd how quickly we get attached to those furry visitors? I still miss our mr schindler, who stayed for a few months and then moved on...
    I saved all the dog hair from our three (now down to one:() and I am glad I did, because it's a nice memory. I didn't do anything with it though - the purse is a lovely idea! looks as precious as the pet:)


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