Friday, June 29, 2012

Technical difficulties

This is Cindy's daughter posting...Cindy wants you all to know that she is doing fine but her Internet is not!  They are having technical difficulties and will not have Internet access until July 9th or so.

I'm sure that by the time their Internet is running again, she will have completed at least a million and one projects to show us!!!  (That was not an authorized comment but it'll be a while before she knows I added it!) :)


  1. No good at all! I wondered where your mum had disappeared - thanks Marsel.

  2. storm damage? sounded ugly in the news over here... I hope she's back online soon, but in the meantime she'll be busy with all kinds of good stuff no doubt:))
    take care

    Bettina (from ireland, where the rain is spread out more evenly!)

  3. Bless her heart! I think I'd go nuts with no internet.


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