Friday, November 30, 2012

It's beginning to look lot like Christmas....

Well, just in the sewing room for now.  I have spent quite a few days creating Christmas decorations  like this stocking and also ornaments for the new family members.........this is still a work in progress.  I have the rest cut out just not finished yet but I am gaining!

The ornaments are something I used to make for new babies in church and somehow I never made them for my own grandchildren-that has now been remedied!


  1. I'm sure your grandchildren will cherish those ornaments!

  2. My MIL puts a new angel on the tree for every family baby. This year will be the 35th, 36th and 37th! (She had six children and has had eighteen grandchildren - one was full-term but still born. Three babies this year brought the total of great-grandchildren to 13).

  3. It is so exciting to have our family grow! Can't wait for baby-snuggles at Christmas. :)


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