Monday, August 26, 2013

Multifaceted M

 Mosaic of broken glass.
 Magnolia tree
 Mummy of soapstone.
 Marbles in the game tin.
 Mechanic maintenance on the tractor.
 Making bars of soap.
 Moebius shawl.
Maidenhair fern.



  1. Very cool shot of the magnolia tree!

    Glad to see that your mandevilla is blooming even after its pool water drenchings in June. :)

  2. Another great collection of photos!

  3. funny, I'd have had a moebius in it as well:) you could have skipped all the subtitles - and written miscellaneous on top:)

  4. Great title!!! You came up with some awesome ones I didn't think of. I love this challenge!

  5. Sandy O' @My Yellow SwingAugust 27, 2013 at 3:44 PM

    Way to go! Wish I could smell the soap! It's neat to see it!

  6. You make your own soap? Wow! What do you use as oil?

  7. LOVE the picture of the Magnolia tree! What an awesome angle!!

    Congrats on all your pictures - they're wonderful!


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