Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Flights of Fancy

 Because baby toes get cold......who says a square can't be round?!
 The Shetland yarn is on the needles!  I'll admit, lace doesn't look exciting in this state but it will after blocking which is part of the magic of lace.
 You can see a little of the design in the top of the shawl, I am now transitioning to the lattice portion of my design.
 The yard is a visual delight-all the red/orange/coral flowers I love are in bloom!
 And attracting clouds of butterflies!
 I have discovered 3 kinds of Swallowtails and this orange one which I am not sure of yet.
 This is the Bromeliad in bloom.  This part of the plant is about 12" across.  Stunning.  The butterflies like the reds as much as I do.  (Do not mess me up with any 'facts' on butterflies not being attracted by color, I won't believe it!)


  1. The lace looks interesting. Which baby is getting the socks? I'm sure there'll. be more pairs before long!

  2. Look at those week baby sockies!!!

    I am so excited to see the shawl started. I'll send a link to your post to the shepherd who owns that sheep. She'll be thrilled!

  3. Yum, that is a feast of colors. We have been at a midsummer pause in our yard (except for the weeds), but things are starting their second round of summer blooms and I am anxious to have color again!

    The shawl is looking exciting!

  4. Sandy O' @ My Yellow SwingAugust 29, 2013 at 12:44 PM

    You've been busy!! Beautiful shawl! Can't wait to see the lace after blocking. And your flowers are lovely.

  5. not sure about the butterflies, but I love those vibrant "tropical" reds! the colours never seem to be so strong in our more moderate temperatures... happy knitting, the shawl might not look like much now, but it'll bloom once blocked I am sure!

  6. Shawl is sure coming along nicely. The little socks are so cute! They sure will keep little feet nice and cozy.

  7. Could the butterfly be a Gulf Frittilary? We have had an abundance of them this year. They have ravaged our Passiflora.


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