Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Dog Days of Summer

 The Yucca plants are no longer in bloom but now they all have this edible fruit growing!
There are clusters on the top of each plant. 
 Each fruit is about 5 inches long; the size of a large pickle.
I picked one to see what it looks like inside-it is NOT ripe enough to eat at this stage.  We will keep sampling to see what happens!  FYI-The Yucca plant was first used to make soap by the Native Americans as it contains saponins which is where we get saponification from!
One pair of rainbow socks finished! 
 I got over my freeze at the quilting frame.  It is all done!  I got my inspiration for this table runner from Lynn Majidimehr's Flower Show Quilts book.  I will be making a series of this type of runner!
 Another skein of Shetland in the pile.  It is a very good way to stay cool when the temps have been so high all week!
And if it isn't steamy outside, it is pouring!  We are needing this amount of rain and it is beautiful to see.
The cats have been lazing on the floor to cool off and stay dry-they tolerate the heat more than the rain!


  1. I didn't know Yucca fruit is edible. How do you know when it is ready to eat? What does it taste like?

    Love the bright socks! Someone is going to have happy feet.

    I just want to reach out and touch that yarn - it looks wonderful!

  2. I've seen yucca flowers, but they never set fruit at home! they do look a bit like cyclanthera fruit when cut open, just bigger? and did they use the roots or the fruit for soap? not sure I'd like to eat them if they used fruit:)
    the runnter looks very nice and autumnal - it's coming up soon for use!

  3. I had no idea fruit grew on yucca plants. That's really interesting. I wonder what it tastes like? That rain looks wonderful but with steamy heat it doesn't sound as good. We sure could use rain here. It's been so long since we've had rain that I don't even remember when it was. What a cute kitty!

  4. Love the socks and quilt! Glad you are inspired by my book!!! Did you die cut the leaves?

  5. Always something going on at your place! Love those socks -- my kind of colours, although I wonder if I would actually wear something that bright on my feet?


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