Friday, January 31, 2014

Architectural Photo Challenge

I am participating in another photo challenge.  Each month we will post a different architectural feature and this month the subject was doors.   I spent the month mostly on the couch so didn't get out to any of the wonderful old homes to catch a picture of their front doors.  Since I didn't want to bow out completely, I have included my front door.........where the welcome mat is well worn with the passing of many loved ones' feet!   You would be welcome here, too!

 I pledge to have many more entries for February's feature;  I am starting to feel like my normal energetic self again!


  1. Nice to have you back...or at least on your way back! :)

  2. Your door looks very "Welcomey"! February subject "Step and Stairs" should be easier, and if you want to start on March's subject, it's going to be "Windows"

  3. I hope to pass over that mat one day if you'll have me!


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