Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Summer Cool Dress

Here is a tutorial on making a maxi dress from a close-fitting ribbed tee.
 Buy 2 1/2 yards of cotton fabric and pre-wash it!  Fold it in half and in half lengthwise with right sides facing.  You will have four layers of fabric and if you look at the picture, the fold is on the left where the measuring tape is lying.  I measure down 42 1/2" for length and place a pin.  Measure across the waist 11" and place a pin.  Measure down 43 1/2" (or your own length) and aim straight down to the selvedge edge.  The bottom will have a slight curve when you cut for the hem.   The side seams are a straight for an A-line skirt.
 Now to prepare the shirt-I measure down from the back neck...13 1/2" and place a pin.sz
 Fold the shirt in half and cut on the 13 1/2" mark using the ruler to square it up with the fold.
 Cut it apart and use the top for the dress.
Sew the side seams first from the bottom up.  Press. Now you will match up the side seams of the skirt with the shirt.  Also pin at the centers.   You will now stretch the shirt to  match the skirt and sew.   If you have a serger, this will be a breeze.   There is no gathering stitches because the knit of the ribbed shirt will pull in the slight fullness of the skirt!  Magic!
I make a rolled hem if I have matching thread and if I don't;  I use a narrow turned hem-press 1/8" up and turn it and straight stitch it down.  Very neat.
Press and wear!  Enjoy!


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