Monday, July 7, 2014

TDF Day 2 and 3

I spun almost 4 ounces off and on yesterday and will do the same today.   This is the Rambouillet.  It contains a LOT more vegetable matter than I think is acceptable (It is from a small farm and local mill not commercially processed).  I am losing a lot while spinning but I can still see some in the singles.  It is a nice long draw spin, though!


  1. Too bad about the vegetation because it is a pretty color.

  2. Wow! 4 ounces is a lot in one day.

    Having washed my fleeces myself this year, I have had to deal with lots of VM also. I've had to keep a lint roller handy. I'm always covered with bits of hay and who knows what else. It's too bad it's so hot and buggy or I'd take the whole mess outside where it belongs. I'm sure breathing this stuff is not a good thing.


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