Wednesday, October 15, 2014


 I finished plying last night-a nice full bobbin of Alpaca!  Alpaca Top - D-RV-13-0014
 I washed it right away and hung it to dry.  BTW, the skein winder is working wonderfully-no pain from using the niddy noddy is a wonderful way to end each skein!
 Curled up and ready for a label because... matter how many times you think you will remember what a skein is and how much yarn is there----YOU DON'T!
And we have one sock done and another on the needles~


  1. Is that the skein winder you got at the antiques mall?

  2. I learned the labelling lesson with quite a few white woolly samples - that all looked the same after a few weeks:) also with naturally dyed yarns and fibres - at first I really did remember all the lovely colours, but after several years of dyeing - it could be just about anything:) and I do like angora - what I don't like is the fact that it flies everywhere and attaches to everything but leather or silk! I like the grey - I only found white angora on offer here! can't believe that the silky looking banana fibres can feel anything but smooth!

  3. Very nice! Good idea to label it too!

  4. Woo hoo! That's a fabulous finish. A skein winder, huh? Awesome. I hate using my niddy noddy. I goof it up all the time.

  5. You're right -- we rarely remember the details the way we think we will!

  6. Boy, you aren't kidding, there. Even bags of fiber need labels or you look at it, feel it and say, well, it's a long wool, so... Labels are our friends!

    That alpaca looks beautiful. Are you going to leave it white or dye it?


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