Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Georgia Actions Begin

 We arrived safely but hit the floor running!  We went to the Mother/Daughter luncheon on Saturday with their church family......so nice to share this new tradition with my daughter and grand daughter of being in Georgia with them for the first half of May!!
Our big project is going to be highlighted on another post but in between moments find me knitting on these socks.  I have had them in the back of my mind for a while so when picking out travel knitting, I remembered these - Wasabi Socks from Spring 2010 Knits by Interweave.  It is not a knit without thought socks but a good  knit so far.   I always knit toe- up socks now and these aren't but I'm going to enjoy the ride!


  1. Have fun in Georgia!

    The socks look great. :-)

  2. So do you have lots of fun things planned?

  3. What a lovely family!
    Those socks look fun and the color is perfection.
    The soap arrived safe and sound. I am beyond excited about having it. Thanks so much.
    Post to follow!

  4. Wasabi is a great name for that colour yarn!

    Hope the mothe/daughter lunch went ell.


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