Saturday, December 5, 2015

Studio Saturday

I work like an assembly line on a project like this-setting out and working on all three stockings at the same time , doing the like tasks on each before I move on to the next step.  How do you tackle  multiple items like this?
I plugged alonguntil I finished all the fancy stitching and then turned my attention to the linings with the embroidered names on the cuffs.  Since I do not have access to my customizing software,  I struggled with the limited fonts and sizes on my machine but eventually figured out a good plan B and I did it! 
Welcome aboard grandchildren 6,7 and 8! 
Since I loaded tutti frutti #2 earlier in the week, I worked on it while the machine was embroidering on its own. 
A simple meander in orange thread looks cheery. 
I only have a bit more to do but ran out of standing steam! lol 
I also cut out the strips for the borders to the RSC2015;  a narrow silver dot for the silver lining and a cloud blue for the wide border.  Maybe I will get to sew them on before the end of the year! 
Meantime, I have to finish this ornament and make two more.....I also made these for each of he new babies.  The other side has their name and the year. 
To clean my palate after the flip flop socks, I am using some leftover wool for some wristers for recliner time.  
This is the last Saturday in the studio as the schedule for December ramps up!


  1. Love the orange stitching on the quilt!

  2. Love the orange stitching on the quilt!

  3. I am tired just looking at what you did. That's a lot of stitching and it all turned out great!

  4. You certainly are keeping yourself busy.

    The wristers are looking good.

  5. Cool! Orange... I love the way it looks

  6. Im contemplating learning to sew on a very small scale. Hmmmmm. I dont want to get too involved, but I want to learn appique

  7. Assembly line style?!? You're more like a one woman sewing factory. I'm so impressed. Your grandchildren are lucky to have such special projects made with such love.


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