Thursday, May 26, 2016


The next starflower dishcloth off the needles!  I cast on the next one already in brown and coral.
It works for a bit of a project now! 
Bill and Will picked me this magnolia blossom!  My tree is 70' tall so it is hard to find a blossom within reach! 
It opened overnight into this full bloom that fills the whole room(s) with its aroma! 
Very heady stuff! 
This tree is in bloom, too, and it smells daintily delicious, too, but I don't know its name!
Will likes to bring me flowers and has finally learned not to pick flowers in my front garden to share with me-we now go and look at those together! 
Pool time with Dad is pretty spectacular-Grandma's role is to be the audience when Dad is there! 
I am excited to report two new buds on the Cereus plant!!!!
In a few weeks, I will have a fairy-worthy bloom to share with you! 
I have two leaves that are sprouting the large and small blooms, eventually the smaller ones will dry up and fall off so the leaf will only support one bloom.  Since the flower is 10" long, it is smart that it sheds one bloom and only grows the one magnificent one!  


  1. The "mystery" plant is ligustrum. Ours is blooming right now too. It's the first time in 22 years. LOL

    That magnolia blossom is magnificent. Bill sure picked a perfect one.

    Someone on University Blvd. must have a cereus plant. Every once in awhile you will drive down the Blvd. and smell the most wonderful fragrance. I've never seen it behind the brick wall, but I sure do enjoy it just the same.

  2. I love the sprig from the tree. It's beautiful.

    I'm jealous of the fun family times in the pool! I don't think we'll get much of that until the end of the summer this year, and then we will need to go and seek out the pools!

  3. Beautiful blossoms! I do love a magnolia. Daddio has a giant one in front of the nursing home.
    My neighbor with a pool had a giant water truck out front and I thought they were getting a pool fill up in time for the holiday. The are getting a new well instead. You should see the mess.

  4. That magnolia is beautiful! Usually only see them far up in the trees, not up close.

  5. The leaves sprout the flowers? I have never seen anything like that. It looks like Will is loving the pool!


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