Saturday, May 7, 2016

Go Blue!

We have a painted room!  It is so bright, calm and pretty!  I can't wait to get the fabric for the windows soon! 
The dormer will soon hold her treasure chest with dress up clothes! 
David and Abigail tied Marsel's birthday balloons to a lot of string and let it soar!
It was lots of fun in lieu of a kite;  the weather didn't cooperate for that activity this time! 
Araignee inspired me to knit the Regina Marie shawl.  I have worked a bit on it; it has several new-to-me stitch figurations and right after I took this picture, I dropped it and lost half of the stitches!
As many of you know, you can't easily pick up lost lace stitches and I had to rip the whole thing out.
You have to make 26 repeats of a 12 row pattern so I only lost two....Ack!  It is lace weight yarn on number four needles.  I am not loving it. 
And starting over is the last chance it is going to have.  I have a feeling it isn't going to make it in this lace weight yarn-it is hard to feel in my fingers, it is too cobwebby to hold but I am going to knit 5 repeats before I give up-I will decide then.  
The blue is pretty and it would make a great shawl.....


  1. The room is divine. So sorry Regina Marie is giving you fits. I had a lot of issues at first too but once it takes off it's an easy ride and sooooo pretty.

  2. That yarn will end up as something pretty one way or another! :)


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