Monday, May 16, 2016

May's Monday Mural #3

A memorial to the man who worked to acquire statehood for Florida.
And the magnolias are just in bloom here so a fitting addition!
Palatka, Florida. 
The Peacock flock cruising the streets of Crescent City , Florida!  I have seen one or two at a time but this was the first time I could get close enough to see a big flock of them! 
I decided to try out a set of the short needle circulars from KnitPicks so it is easier to make small hats, for example.  This baby hat will match the Baby Surprise Jacket I knit a while ago even if the camera completely read the colors wrong.  lol  The needles sure speed things up but I don't think I could bear to use the super short sock ones (8") some knitters are using.  I do like zipping around with my knit and purl rows to get the garter in the round!


  1. Hiya-Hiya have 9" circs for sock knitting and the extra inch makes them easier to use I think. I love that mural!!!

  2. Look at those peacocks just strutting along like they OWN the place. LOL

    Those super short needles are okay after you get used to them. The first day or so my hand would cramp up a bit. The thing I don't like about them is you still need your dpns for the toe as you get down to just a few stitches. Why have two sets of needles when one set of dpns will do the whole job?

  3. OH I love peacock colorways. I dont like purling in the round, but I love the look of it

  4. I love those magnolias. I love magnolias period. The receptionist at Daddio's nursing home is named Magnolia.
    Daddio's neighbor had peacocks and they scared me to death. They scream like banshees and come out of nowhere at you.
    I never could get the hang of those small needles but I sure like the idea of them.

  5. Ah yes, our lovely peacocks! They're wonderful, until they start to scream which sounds like a really loud, giant whiney cat, lol!


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