Friday, May 20, 2016

More Surprises!

I finished the hat for this little surprise sweater for Ethan.
It looks like a jester hat! 
I'm thinking it might be too big. 
I tried it on my model.  This doll is close to a two month old and he is now almost 5 months old so maybe it's not too big! 
I wanted the hat to be in garter like the sweater but I've never made one before.
I knit fitted hats-you know, rib and stockinette stitche. 
This one is cute.  I will have to wait and try it on him to see what I have! 
In the yard, the yucca (Spanish Sword) has bloomed! 
It is an amazing jumble of blooms! 
The finishing touches went on the sixth BSJ I've made these last few months.  It is a smaller size and so soft!  When I get the bugs worked out of a hat to match, I will be making one for each of the sweaters, too. 
This is the beginning of hat designed in garter stitch.  I knit a band of garter over 10 stitches and grafted the ends and picked up the 70 stitches along one edge to knit the crown of the hat.  I will see if I like the fit of this one better!


  1. THe Surprise Sweater is beautiful. Same base colors as your craft bag more or less. I LOVE it. Is it washable wool?

    1. Yes, I always try to use washable wools for children's clothes!

  2. That hat is adorable. I'm sure EZ would approve!

  3. I see that you're more up to date with sewing buttons to your bsj's:) mine are still hanging around in a corner:( and I am sure the jacket and hat will fit - if not immediately, they will in a month or two! they grow so fast at that age...


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