Thursday, May 5, 2016

Special Days

Next pair of socks on the needles;  same Cascade Cherub yarn in a different colorway.  I am working these with a strip of zigzagular patterning up the side of the foot. 
For several years, we talked about stripping the wallpaper from Abigail's room but we got sidetracked each time with a different 'big' project.  This year we did it!  David helped move furniture and took turns operating the steam pan to help remove that wallpaper!  Abigail wants blue walls, new curtains in white for a French cottage look in her room.  We can't get to the painting this visit but she is closer to the goal! 
The walls were green for the first few years of being here, then purple for Abigail a few years later.  The wallpaper was just the bottom half of the wall.  The room was put back in order in time for crockpot dinner and a bit of a birthday celebration. 
Then we headed out for church. 
After church, there was a surprise cake and refreshments!  It is wonderful to know God has provide my daughter with an incredible family and church family, too! 
Happy Birthday, dear daughter!


  1. Thanks for all of your hard work on my birth day thirty-nine years ago!!! <3

  2. Thanks for all of your hard work on my birth day thirty-nine years ago!!! <3

  3. Cool socks. LOVely family . .Just so lovely. Blessed!

  4. Happy birthday to your dear daughter. Stripping wallpaper for her is a GREAT present!!! (Can you tell I HATE stripping wallpaper?)

  5. What a great way to celebrate!!!

  6. I have just installed iStripper, so I can have the sexiest virtual strippers on my desktop.


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