Sunday, July 17, 2016

No Tears for this Hanky

It certainly wasn't a joyful spin but I have a skein of yarn for all the hard work and blisters! 
Of course, I learned at the end of the second bobbin that my previous way of prepping the silk hanky for spinning was not the best way to spin! 
Stretching each hanky out like this and then trying to further muscle it even finer as I was spinning it was causing the displeasure!
Instead, I found it best to just spin it right from the hanky shape using a long backward draw and skipping all the attenuating altogether! the finish line! 
So now I will hold onto this knowledge if I ever get the urge to buy 2 ounces of silk hankies for dyeing in the future! 
The skein has 267 yards of 2 ply yarn for a good future knit! 
Here is this year's haul so far-over a mile of yarn!


  1. The hanky colors spun up very pretty. Wow! You'd better get knitting! You've got a lot of yarn to use up. ;-)

  2. Yowza...that's a lot of spinning!!!

  3. I am going to have to try spinning hankies that way. It is so hard on the hands and I always end up with blisters from spinning it. Lovely colors, BTW.

  4. I love those summer colors in the newest spin up, but really ... an lovely bit of spinning work in total!

  5. Over a mile of yarn -- that's a funny mental picture! :)


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