Thursday, October 6, 2016

Pre-Hurricane Matthew

After working all day yesterday, we saw this on the way to church.
The black dots at the top of the rainbow are vultures coming to roost, 
which was just a bonus! 
The sky last night gave no indication that a hurricane was on its way! 
Bill finished the drain in this group of pipes.
This is located in my studio.
Just one of those projects that got overlooked. 
When he finished the plumbing part, I painted it with polyurethane to seal the cement.
This was the first part and then we moved the extras so the whole area could get a good covering.
After it dried, I moved my craft table back into place and the room divider was opened and used to block the water system and the pipes.   
Much more pleasing to my eye now! 
I finished sewing all my strips for the last area of the medallion quilt and then I cut all the strips for the yellow border and the printed blue one.
Next week I will put it all together!
Love it! 
I also tweaked the pattern for the crossover purse.
It is getting easier and easier to make this.
I am using fusible web instead of interfacing and it is working to make a sleeker but still firm purse fabric.
Very satisfying to make! 
Bill has been called to work for the storm assessment company and had to have EH boots, meaning able to take 18000 volts of electricity when he is out and writing reports for downed wires, etc.
He had to report to Orlando for a central sending point. 
You don't understand how large the boots are until you see them next to my shoes!
A 15eee is a big boot!
We were glad to buy local and be ready to equip him for safety.
He has battened down all the hatches for me while he is gone.
I have a friend who had to evacuate here so I have company.
We cooked all morning and have drinking water, cooking and bathing water and even buckets of water by the toilets in case we lose power!
Our batteries are stocked, we have LED lights and then  the most important part-
All jokes aside, I hope you are safe where you are and you are not taking it for granted!


  1. Stay safe -- enjoy your adventure! <3

  2. You guys have CHOCOLATE????? I'll be right over.

    Seriously though .... stay safe and please thank your dear husband for his service! We surely appreciate folks like him.

  3. Those boots brought back memories. Right before he retired from being a lineman, Daddio was a trouble man for VEPCO for a few years working all the storms.
    My thoughts are with you all down there. Stay safe....and as for that quilt. OMGoodness. Every time I see it I get goosebumps.

  4. Stay safe! Hope the storm blow right on by!

  5. Im praying for you!!!!! Chocolate will be a help!!!

  6. we've been looking at the news for days now - and I do hope that you'll be safe and the damage will not be so bad! after looking at cuba and haiti - it looks terrible:( stay safe - and maybe yarn and chocolate will keep your spirits up!

  7. My Mom and Dad "decondoed" to Atlanta to a friend's house. We are impatiently waited for them to get back to Daytona to view any damage. They prepped as best they could, but you never know what will hold. My daughter in Ft Myers was not affected at all. They canceled classes on Thursday and Friday, but only got rain on Thursday. Hoping you are safe.

  8. The Medallion quilt is stunning! And that's very cool on the boots! I hadn't realize they had special boots for walking around downed power lines. Very sensible!


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