Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Work and Rest

It was  beautiful sunset tonight and my ph camera did little to do it justice! 
This afternoon, Bill and I dug up a Fall harvest of sand burrs.
Not edible and extremely painful to come in contact with! 
They grow to large, low plants that hide all year among your grass until the Fall when they send out their burrs and even green, they pierce your skin in a most painful way!  Each of their little arms have a hook at the end that do a great job off attaching.
While it is an interesting study in science on the ability of the plant to disperse its seeds by 
 epizoochory, or sticking to animals and people, it is not so great to experience it!
First you have to run a shovel under the plant to loosen the roots and then you can pull them up mostly intact.  You still get regular pricks while working! 
You stack up piles along the way and then pick them up and fill the tractor bucket with them.
Bill dumps them on the fire pile because that is the only way to destroy these seeds! 
I will tell you I wore this vest all day!
I dressed in Florida style;  cropped pants and flip flops with a t-shirt with this  over the shirt.
It was comfortable all day and I can't wait to make another vest!


  1. Ouch! But at least you looked fabulous!

  2. Nyki has good reason to supervise your sand burr removal after her recent run-in! Love the details on the vest.

  3. Those sand burrs do not sound pleasant!
    I hope you had some marshmallows for that fire though!

  4. Love that vest!! I am ready to move to a place where there are no plants, grass, or trees! Grass allergy keeps me off the grass, leaves get in my garage too easily, and plants just make me sneeze! So I am looking for a concrete paradise?

  5. That vest is awesome. I love the details and the colors you choose. Very nice!

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