Wednesday, October 19, 2016

How about a Medal?

The Medallion Quilt is off the sewing table and will soon be on the frame!
I am backed up by 5 quilts right now....what's another?!
I guess I am enjoying the piecing more than the quilting right now.
The standing has nothing to do with it, right?!  
I will have to look into one of those fancy seats for sitting while at the frame! 
This is a record breaker.....a Camellia already blooming! 
(for the record, we noticed the bloom on the 15th!)
With lots more of these to come!
The white Camellias are always the first to bloom but not usually until November.
I love how these flowers stay on the bush  a   l o n g   time!

Even longer than queue at the longarm!


  1. Gold medal!!!! That is one gorgeous quilt!!!
    Our camellias bloom in early spring but it's been so warm here they are covered in buds. It's supposed to get cold here over the weekend so I hope they haven't ruined their spring show.

  2. Beautiful camilla! Aren't we lucky to be in Florida where we can have flowers all year round.

  3. Lovely quilt!
    And gorgeous Camelias! I can grow them here, but I have to bring them in for the winter. With all my indoor plants, I'm limited on space to do that!
    One day... I'll have a house with a green house/conservatory!

  4. The quilt is beautiful, and fun to do something a little different from our typical kinds of quilts!

    The camellia is so pretty...looking forward to seeing them in all their glory next month!

  5. QUilters amaze me with your organization. WOW. THe camelia is beautiful. How nice to see a blossom when there are none left here. All gone...


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