Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Nice as Gneiss

The Close to You Shawl is completed!  
It was a 680 yard skein so I knit forever on this shawl until I got very close to the end of the yarn!
Even though the yardage is higher than most, this shawl is as light as a feather!
It is light and airy because it is knit on number 6 needles.
The skein is 50/50 Yak and Silk lace weight yarn from Expression Fiber Arts.
When I last posted the shawl, my daughter said it reminded her of this kind of rock called Gneiss.
I love it!   
As usual, this shawl grew considerably when blocked.  I didn't pin this one at all, just patted the shawl into place after soaking it for 30 mins and spinning it in the washer to remove most of the water.  It is 38" deep on the squared edge and 84" along the top, curved edge. 
I almost didn't block it because it was in pretty good shape when I finished but I really like the airiness of it now that I blocked it!
This is a pattern that will be revisited and will look different with every yarn choice!


  1. I really love it! It has a very bohemian chic vibe to it.

  2. Beautiful! I haven't knit with yak yet - I'll have to give a try one of these days.

  3. It DOES look like gneiss and that is very NICE!

  4. that looks really good - and I think the bigger a shawl the better... when they're too small they don't stay on well enough!


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