Friday, October 21, 2016

Kniting for the Soul

After a large knitting project like the shawl I just finished, I need to do some comfort knitting.  So, being inspired by several blogs lately to pull out old projects and finish them up,  I pulled out these socks that were more than halfway done but then languished for some reason.
These remind me of the thick socks we used to wear as kids in our winter boots;  we called them pack socks cuz they were for our pack boots.
But as I write this, I find that the brand was Pac Boots and so all these years I pictured the wrong word!  Well who knew? 
 I refuse to see it differently now so I am calling these Pack Socks! 
I enjoyed seeing the space station go by last night.  
I never tire of running outside for a sighting!  
I think this will be an interesting photo to try and watercolor!


  1. They look like some very warm and comfy socks.

  2. That's why we have UFOs so we can have the pleasure of picking them up and finishing them. I remember when The Mister and I used to go gaga over the stuff in the sky. We even had a telescope. I was just thinking about what fuddy duddies we have become.

  3. Fun socks. And yes, that picture would make a very cool watercolor! It is fun to go outside and watch the ISS and know that you are, too.


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