Sunday, July 23, 2017


I've seen a lot of these in the last few months......
Breathtaking painting from the Creator.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Alterations and Mending

One of the things about losing weight, is trying to make your old wardrobe still work.  
 I slit the side seams at the waist band of my jeans  and cropped pants
 using my pinking shears to control raveling.
 I overlap the welted seam over the flat fabric until I reduce the waist to fit or to the pocket in this case.
 I am putting in a kind of dart that lies flat and is comfortable.
I do not tuck in my shirts so this seam is never seen.  
The inside looks like a dart-see?!  It is nice to be able to have a bunch of casual pants to wear again!
I did a whole pile of things-do you do your own mending or do you toss things that no longer fit?
I hate to shop so anytime I can keep clothes I already have , it is a win for me!

Thursday, July 20, 2017


 As I approached the finish line for the  second pair of the Tuxie Love socks, 
I heard that funny voice that's awful narrow.
Oh, yeah, what was I thinking?! 
 I checked the math and the chart-remember,
 I was trying to find a way to KNIT in the paw print
 on the underside of the toe on toe up socks, 
 and for some reason I cast on only 56 stitches 
which I haven't done on socks with my recent yarns 
and my smaller needles for almost a year now!
I ripped it all out.  
Even the changes I had made to the chart-
it was all smaller and more delicate-gone!
 The additional paw print on the heel-gone. 
The pretty ribbing in grey knits and white purls-gone.
 BUT I figured out the non-magic loop method for casting on toe-up socks
 and then I could easily knit the paw print on the underside of the toe! 
 I cast on the half of the total number of sock stitches-32 in this instance
 and then proceeded to knit a short row heel so to speak! 
 I was knitting back and forth,  so it was simple to knit in the paw print!  
When I came back to the other side of the toe, 
I merely picked up stitches from the cast on edge and continue in the round now to knit up the foot!  
I am thrilled with the updated version-I knew it could be done.   
AND if you don't understand a word of what I just said,
 just be happy for me that I am successful! lol
Speaking of frogs, I found just the right buttons for this guy's eyes! 
 The larger buttons are yellow that perfectly match his belly
 and the upper black button is faceted to be reminiscent of the old buttons I had to replace.
   I am thrilled! 
( He just needs the mouth to be stitched on 
but I am thinking I will not do that.........those red stitches were kind of creepy!)

A Walk in the Yard

 Ahhh, the sweet Viburnum are blooming!  The whole yard is fragrant with the almost honeysuckle-like aroma!
 We have several trees along the south side of the house in the hedge and so their aroma wafts over both front and back yards.  Delightful!  (It almost makes up for not having lilacs....almost.)
 The Pagoda plants are aroma but at four feet tall, they make a different kind of statement!
 There are a million little flowers on each plant!
We have a few Crepe Myrtles blooming but our few bushes lack something to rate showy. 
 I think this is the problem and they need a good fungicide to rid them of the lichen attack.  If I had the patience, I would pick the branches clean and have enough lichen to dye some wool!
 Our Cana lilies are doing their thing-we have yellow and orange.  The reds are dwarf varieties purchased in error.  They are duds!
 The aloe are in bloom.  This stands four feet tall , also, and is a favorite of the hummingbirds!
 And hibiscus.  Beauties one and all.........

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Seamstress Again

I found this website, So Sew Easy,  that has lots of patterns for purchase and for free.  This is one of the free tops.   I purchased the knit fabric at WalMart for pennies and whipped it up yesterday!
I could see the front wrap sagged a bit so I added some
elastic to the neck edge and now I don't have to worry about a 'gap'!
I downloaded a bunch of patterns (all for knits) and will get them all taped together-the only downside to downloadable patterns is the tiles (pages) of  the pattern and taping them together but with great results , it will be worth it!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Progress Around the Studio

 On Saturday, I enjoyed my monthly art class..........
it is such a wonderful 4 hours!  
We were introduced to waves and shadowing on rocks. 
 I am about halfway done with this painting. 
 It takes a lot of time to sketch and paint all the layers and details! 
 Something I wasn't aware of a year ago when I started the classes!
 This is the photo I found on Google to take my inspiration from for painting.
 When I came home, I loaded up one of the men's suit sample quilts
 on the fleece for quilting.
 Monday at quilting group, I squared up the hexagon quilt
 and prepared some borders.  I also worked some more QOV triangles.   
The second pair of Tuxie Love socks are making progress; 
  I am ready to turn the heel on this one-
I am thinking of adding a paw print 
to the back side of the heel now that I worked out the bugs for doing the paw print on a single side of the sock-
it is an interesting technique which will work, I hope, for the heel!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Frog Prince

 Once upon a time, I had a beautiful frog bean bag my grandmother made for me ( and all of her other grands!)  I slept with it on my pillow every night.  
You just never know where your prince will come from , you know!
He was made with heavily textured fabric on top and a leopard flannel under.
 The flannel gave way 
and the beans were bug infested so he went in a box 
and that was that some 40 years ago. 
 His glass button eye suffered an injury also.
   I searched my button box and some of the buttons I inherited from her
 but to no avail!
A quick call to Mom and she came up empty also!
 I decided to do a dissection and replace the old flannel 
since my mom had given me a scrap from Gram's stash long ago so I could do this surgery.....
 See some of the old bean detritus still inside! 
 When I removed the mouth stitching,
 I found that is where my Gram had closed up the opening 
after filling with beans here! 
Interesting to see the inside and how she constructed him! 
 (55 years ago, mind you!)
 I then washed frog's skin-he was looking a little frazzled
 but after a good press, he was ready for the new belly!
 Here is a hint to anyone trying to sew two odd shapes together, 
especially in stuffed animals and such; 
 only cut one layer to shape and leave the other a lot larger. 
 Then you stitch around the cut pattern
 and trim the other with pinking shears to remove the extra fabric 
and to snip for curves at the same time!
No holes or missed alignments this way!
 I did remember to make a pattern so I can make this frog bean bag for some more hopeful children!
Here is what I filled him with! 
And now he is all refilled and ready for his new eyes which I haven't purchased yet!
He was hugged right away to welcome him back !
My grandmother was a prolific seamstress and I loved everything she made me!
Was there handmade in your life from an early age?

Friday, July 14, 2017


 There is something so pleasing about a doily.  
Perhaps it is because it is symmetrical and I do love symmetry.
Maybe it is because I grew up with them and everyone in the family had them on every table-bed table, end table, dining table....
even our pillow cases had crocheted edgings.
 It started because I had to buy some crochet cotton to try and fix this throw rug in front of my shower. 
 I receive it second-hand and it has seen a lot of use in the last 8 years;  
but I don't want to part with it so I tried to mend.
Unfortunately, it didn't go so well because both the warp threads 
and the weft rags are deteriorating and it is seeing its last days. 
Well, at least it took me to the crochet cotton
 and that awakened a doily urge so all is not lost!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Felix Socks

Finished is a pair of Felix socks, 
in honor of the sweet boy Manx belonging to my daughter! 
 (these are for her btw and not for the cat!)
The second duplicate stitching didn't go any easier than the first
 but they look good and are such a sweet touch to the underside of the toe!  
This is the Tuxie Love pattern by Wandering Cat Studio, 
over 64 sts in KnitPicks Stroll yarn.  
The only alteration from the instructions is the heel 
where I used a short row heel.

I have another pair of these on the needles but I am knitting them toe up with a real twist on the toe construction so it will be two stranded knitting to get that paw print on there without duplicate stitching!  Stay tuned!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Scrubby Yarn

The boys' Mom made them wash cloths from a yarn she discovered 
just for that purpose. 
 (There is a place for polyester, sometimes!) 
 After I went to the eye dr yesterday,
 I ran some errands as long as I was in town.
I picked up some of the yarn to give it a try. 
(WalMart price here was $3.98 a skein-
there is only 78 yards in a skein
 but it looks like I can get two cloths from each skein.)
  It isn't too awful on your hands while knitting and I know that after use,
 it gets even softer but with teeth to make a great washcloth! 
 I knit up a simple garter diamond one. 
 The second one is on the needles!
 Speaking of discovery-this lily is a complete surprise to us.  It has never bloomed before but the 12" of rain we have been blessed with this last month must have awakened it!
It is stunning!  And there are two blooms-very large blooms;  the plant stands just over 2' tall and the blooms are the size of salad plates!  Incredible!  
(No aroma, unfortunately!)

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Bee Hives

 I cut out 40 hexagons with the Accuquilt cutter and arranged them on the design wall, snapped a photo and then loaded them all up to go to quilting group!
I am having to sharpen my skills on Y seams;  slower stitching but it is working out pretty well.
 You can't tell n the photo but the yellow fabric is of bees and they have the blue fabric with the dandelions to fly toward!
 I threw my scraps out-and when I got to quilting the 'ort' queen asked what I did with the scraps!  Horrors!  (She wants the bee fabric!)
 She was pleased with the completed ort blocks all sewn into this little top.
At least this accomplishment helped soften the blow!
 I also completed the bindings on all the little flannel quilts and they are in the donation pile.
And so is the little Sunburst Granny Square lap robe.  I used up every little bit of the 4 skeins of these colors.  Nice stash busting.


I've seen a lot of these in the last few months...... Breathtaking painting from the Creator.