Thursday, November 6, 2008

Finishing Touches

We put the finishing coat on the garage looks like a showroom floor! Bill is thrilled! He has to wait 3 days before using it though! :'(

Here is a close-up so you can see the full affect. Sherwin Williams; we love your products!
The porch got its new color today! (I was the trim/gopher lady as usual!)
The boys put 3 coats on throughout the much work they accomplished. It was so appreciated. (The pipe that runs across the porch is the temporary electrical service which will be removed when the power company cuts the old suppy and hooks up the new --for those of you who will notice and wonder!)
Look at what our cactus is doing! Bill had thought to pick the 'fruit' and try to eat it--I tried to discourage this........but he missed the time to pick it 'cuz the cactus is regurgitating its seeds all over the ground! Weird but effective way to propagate! Does anyone know the name of this cactus? It was gifted to us without pertinent information.
I did a little knitting and spinning this morning before anyone woke up but didn't get back to anything crafty with the whirl of the day! I did manage to put on a roasted chicken dinner with all the fixin's but for me that doesn't count much toward creativity unfortunately! Matthew and Caleb left with full stomachs and a baggie of cookies for the ride home-I put a few pounds on both of them in spite of all the work they did! On the Mama scale this rates high points!


  1. I did notice and wonder, so thanks for clarifying. :)

    It all looks wonderful! Glad M & C got to enjoy helping you guys with the project -- good professional experience for them, of course, but it's also fun when we get to help you guys for a change!

  2. Busy family. That's quite a cactus. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. Great job!!! It does look like a showroom. Are you sure you will want Bill to change oil in there? Love MomMom

  4. Of course it does - that's what mammas are for! :-)

    Except when, like me, they are encouraging weight loss for all concerned in the upcoming nuptials!

    What a bizarre cactus!


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