Friday, November 28, 2008

Fridays Pleasures

We worked on the wicker bells after the morning chores. It was difficult and we took a break to go and feed our neighbor's baby goats! This was a pleasure Marsel had never experienced and she thoroughly enjoyed it-so did the little goat! The little buck teasing was a bottle baby, too, a while ago and he still remembers the joy! David fearlessly took off like a fellow 'kid' and enjoyed the energy of all the young goats (50!).

Abigail was frightened last visit but held on to her stick to keep the Great Pyrenes at bay and she was quite the sheperdess this time!
Bruce took pictures of his family but I did manage to get one of him, too! Caleb got to stay for another day and so was able to enjoy the farm visit-his role as uncle has priority with him as you see!

We finished our bells in the afternoon-against all kinds of set backs we have a pair of bells for each of us! We had felt pretty confident of our basket weaving skill; progressing from beginner to advanced beginner kits but this one is labeled intermediate for a reason! It shields its story as it hangs on the door..........


  1. Our bells did turn out rootin'-tootin' good, despite our tears and tantrums!!!

  2. They are beautiful - well done all of you!


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