Thursday, December 4, 2008


My beloved fur boy is gone. .......................... We searched our whole 11 acres, miles of ditches, and hundreds of feet of hedges, put up signs and visited neighbors.
I don't even have his body-just his absence.
I have no words, a very large ache resides where my heart is now.
.................He would love to curl up on my lap in the evening and interrupt my knitting for some love.
I would always oblige him.
I would gladly put away my knitting forever if I could have him back.


  1. You'll not believe this but Callie went missing last week and we haven't been able to locate her. Do cats elope? I'm considering going down to the shelter to see if she is there.

  2. Our hearts just ache for you, Love Mom and Dad

  3. Your grief is so palpable I cried!

    God bless.


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