Thursday, December 18, 2008

December Markers

No, the markers for Christmas time is different here in Florida but we are getting better at noticing them and appreciating them. The street lights in the towns nearby still get banners and fancy lights, people decorate their homes with colorful lights and lawn ornaments. But for me it is the specific flowers and the robins that mark December is here!

Look at the center of the tree and you will see a red breasted robin.

Every time you step out of the house, there is this flurry of birds that you startle. As you hold still for just a few moments they all come rushing back to the ground under one of our berry trees. They are abundant under the juniper, camphor and east palatka holly trees. We have several of each in both the front and backyards and it makes our yard the All You Can Eat special!

This is a close-up of the camphor tree; see the dark purple berries? .........the canopy is just a riot of bird movements, chirping and calling. It has a music all its own.

The camilias are in bloom.........we have had the white for a month now....
but the red is my favorite.

The calliandra is in full bloom........with lots of buds to come.
And the national favorite for Christmas is the poinsettia........this one is the one Marsel received for Christmas last year, gave to us and it is doing quite well in the front is blooming right on time!

Bill's brother got me this Christmas cactus almost 20 years ago and it has bloomed every year for me!
And the Christmas Berry (ardesia) is reddening up quite nicely and will be ready on the 25th and last right into the spring!

So what plant/flower is the Christmas trigger for you?


  1. How about keeping those beautiful flowers til we get there in three weeks ?Loved the slide show! Love Mom

  2. I remember seeing pictures of my Grandmother's house in Orlando. She had Pointsettias as tall as the roof edge. Where did you live before Fla.? Why did you choose to live htere now? Do you hate cold weather?

  3. The NSW Christmas Bush - you can see some photos here:

    Unfortunately, due to heavy clay soils and lack of water, ours keep dying!

  4. can u leave ur phone number to me???


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