Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve

I finally went to the doctors on Monday and with the assistance of medicines I am doing better. Yes, anti-biotics with steroids are kicking the strep throat into submission and causing a bit of a buzz in my head..........needless to say, I am awake a bit longer and knitting so fast I can't see the stitches as they fly from my fingers!
I knit this neck warmer from Knitty Winter 2008, called poinsettia. It will be heading north to an appropriate recipient!
I dug through my stash and compiled this for the next Psalm quilt..told you I needed to make more of these!
All cut out now and ready to be sewn together-today most likely.

I took the leftover yarn from the socks I finished for Marsel and have started a pair for Abigail so we will all have matching ones. I knit the rest of the KnitPicks bare yarn into another sock blank-this one I will dye in shades of pink and then knit into lacey handwarmers. I will explore the Knitty site for a pattern so I can ring in the New Year with yarn in my hands tonight!
I also got news from the doctor that my mammogram this month is a non-issue...always good news but that the baseline bone scan I had came back with moderate to severe bone loss in my lower spine-- a young 53-I felt this was quite a shock of a diagnosis. Needless to say, I am now adding to my diet Caltrate with D and a weekly dose of Fosomax! I am grateful that there is something I can do to stem the deterioration , grateful the doctor suggested the bone scan now, and trying to get used to the idea.


  1. Glad you are feeling better and back to your knitting and quilting. Sharon

  2. Wow, that's lots of knitting! Very nice.

    Glad to hear your throat is getting better, good that you got looked at. Sorry to ear about the bone loss, but I'm 54 & haven't had the bone density test yet. Guess I better get on the stick!

    You said you were going to tell your sister about the towel on the windshield. I don't know if it would work as well in a warmer & wetter climate. It is very dry & cold here right now. If it were warmer, I think it might stick to the wind shield. Of couse you could always throw some hot water on to release it.

  3. Glad you're feeling a bit better. Maybe I need steroids to get moving faster on that wedding stole! LOL

    Those colours look good for the Psalm Quilt. Matching socks for three generations - now there's an idea!

  4. Wonderful knitting. Thanks for visiting my blog too.

  5. Bodies...they get "broken" whether we're ready or not!!!

    The idea of you needing something to speed up your crafting progress is rather funny, but I'm glad you have something to do to discharge that good old steroid buzz. :)

    We'll have to photograph all six of our feet once the socks are done...

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