Friday, December 5, 2008

Creative Endeavors

I dyed the sock blanks last night. As always, the pleasure is over too quickly! Bill had a piece of styrofoam insulation that he cut to size for me. I pinned my blanks on the surface and then had fun painting them. Abigail's is in pink and purple-her present fav colors.
David's is in old world red/white/blue-his special request. I laid them inside an oven cooking bag on a cookie tray and baked them for an hour. There wasn't a drop of color that came out in the rinse bowl!

This morning they were dried and tonight I am going to try to knit 2-at-a-time on cirular needles for the first time since I have double-stranded this blank, I need to use both strands at the same time for knitting. So far, so good. I finished quilting Millie's king sized log cabin quilt. She made it as a gift for her daughter.
I used a simple meander pattern on this. I now have a free frame for some Christmas tablerunners! Bill enjoyed a different kind of creativity.............finding the 'clog' in our septic system! He had a good idea of where the problem was and he found it on the second shovel full! We replaced the whole septic system last year except for the 14' from the house to this spot and when he followed the pipe back up to the house-he could see the people who installed previously had used the wrong pipe--it had collapsed and had roots growing through it! No wonder it was having problems!
He replaced the length of pipe, reattached it to the other new piping ;
covered and seeded the area and it is better than ever! Hoorah!


  1. I love the sock colors and so will the kids!

    Bravo to Millie on the quilt (and to her quilter, too) -- it's beautiful.

    I think I'd rather do those projects than Dad's project, thank you very much!

  2. Mom asks! Whats under the green tarp? Good going Bill!

  3. Your sock blank project is fascinating. You make it look so easy! I'm eager to see how they knit up.

  4. Pretty colors and designs on the sock blanks! I'd like to see how the pink and purple one knits up. Good luck with all the house stuff :)


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