Sunday, December 14, 2008

Wrap It Up

I finished the majority of my to-do list today!
Bling helped me wrap all the presents..........he looks serene here but-

....the true Bling is evidenced here as he chewed anything that rustles-including the bows which he kidnapped repeatedly!
Here is our treasures for this year........
The socks are ready to go to their new owners.

The Christmas quilt is ready to go to Marsel's for the binding to be sewn on-a good time of bonding as we hand sew together!
The gift quilt is all ready to be wrapped-the binding is on but I do need to sign it before it goes!

I made a batch of coasters for Caleb because he asked for them......when your son wants something handmade-we crafty moms get right to it! This is a nicer gift because the yarn was given to me from Marsel as the colors made me happy! Now the skein has made me happy twice.

Not so happy is my Jade plant which has done this again.................I keep saving a remnant and growing a new plant but at 18" it always croaks! I have saved a remnant again........

Bill went to pick up his new topper for the truck..........we plan on bringing home a large load from Marsel's at Christmas so we needed to be prepared for any kind of weather.


  1. Hi! so nice to have you blogging again. We all missed you!!!Love Mom

  2. Wow, you've been busy. It looks to me like you're all ready to come -- so come, already! We can't wait to see you!

  3. Congrats on all that finishing up. The socks are really cute. I must admit to a slight preference for the pink-and-purple pair . . . must be a girl thing.

  4. I like that truck cap. When Marsel mentioned that Dad was getting a contoured cap, I was thinking something with just a few more inches of depth than the flat-top. With this cap, you can take half of the junk in our basement back with you:) In fact, I think that's the plan! Can you fit a sleeper sofa in there as well?

  5. Bruce
    If your asking me to make a dump run just say so.
    Groovy Pops

  6. Looks like your ready for Christmas. The quilts look great. We had our family Christmas on the weekend. Now to get ready for our small celebration on the 25th. Bad weather bringing lots of snow so not going to far. Good time to catch up on some quilting.

    Judi B.


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