Saturday, December 6, 2008

Saturday Triumphs

I am rolling these tablerunners right off the frame. They are the left-over fabric from the mystery Christmas quilt! One is on our table, one is at church and one is in the mail to my daughter-in-law for their new house!
A new quilt is on the takes me so long to decide on a design; still my least favorite part of the whole thing! Once I got one drawn (the quilting pattern that is) and figured out how to place it and off set every other row; the quilting itself went well!

Bill put in the last sliding glass door; this one is to our bedroom to be. There is a lot of fussiness to centering these things and it doesn't help when the contractors made the opening and inch too high but he persevered and we are now all secured on the south addition. I am flying on the 'flat feet' socks-I had to begin each sock seperately and then nestle them together-couldn't do the beginning in the evening-- I guess it was 'too much, too new ' at that time of the evening! But they are progressing nicely and I will finish them tonight. I still like doing socks one at a time because they seem to flow more serenely for me. I take good notes as I knit and so have no problems getting the second one to come out an exact match but it is good to learn something new even if I don't do it this way again (Well, I am going to make up the pair for Abigail but I might not do it 2 at a time!). I am going to dye some more sock blanks though! It produces just the control I like for sock design and knitting up the blanks took no time at all.


  1. LOVE your table runners! What patterns did you use? Must be nice to see that progress on the addition. :D

  2. The socks look great -- David'll be so excited!

    Tablerunners came out pretty, too...

    And good for Dad that he got that door up before the snow flies. :)


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