Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Landscaping Transformation!

We put all the plants to good use and transformed the front yard into a hint of the tropical garden it will be! Added some small stones for the splash guard........
added some good , rich soil from out back in the old swamp area that we drained......

Added the new greenery plants we got Thursday and look! First half is done!

We did the same thing to the other side of the sidewalk and then added another stone island to the other 'front yard' and we have a very nicely balance front yard! Bill has seeded it and rolled it out and in 2 weeks we will have a nice green front lawn again! Yes, while Tom helps us with all the work, Bling does this----->
.......after all, it was chilly out and the window seat was in the sunshine!
So, what do you think?!
A bonus shot, this legless lizard hitchhiked up in a tractor bucket load of dirt! After its picture was taken, we took it back to the swampland! (I thought that a legless lizard was a dumb name for just another snake when I had read about them previously, but they really are different than a snake--not as sleek, or fast-the cooler temps really help to slow this guy down, too, which made him less frightening as his cousins!)
The sweater for David just needs its button bands............I think I will meet my deadline; I just have to spin up some more yarn to be able to do this! ( Think of the Miller's daughter!)

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  1. I don't like the legless lizard, it's freaky!!! Yuck!

    The plants look lovely...I'm counting down 'til I can come see it all for myself...I (we!) can hardly wait!


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