Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Motley Crew!

We had a great time of preparation-(it is so nice to share kitchen duties with another woman) table time, walks, ping pong,
football on tv (new one with a big screen.......)and a word game called Banagram...........which really separated the men from the boys!
Far away family felt close 'cuz they sent these.......!
Marsel brought me her socks that had been started but languished for a while....well, she thought she had brought them but pulled this out of her knitting bag instead! She forgot she had changed out the take-it-with-you project and consequently brought me the wrong one! Grrrrrr from both of us! I don't like knitting deferred! I will have to finish them when I visit her at Christmas!
Tomorrow we will be weaving bells from reeds................just you wait and see them!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving

    Just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the KREATIVE BLOGGER AWARD.
    You will see the rules on my Blog.
    I always enjoy your comments..thank you.
    The house is coming along great..what a job..Wow
    You are one very talented lady.

    Judi B

  2. We're weird and wild and we all take up a lot of space, but we do have fun, don't we?! :)

  3. It was a little hectic but it was a nice 2 days to be with everyone. Thanks for the extra food I enjoyed that tonight! Caleb

  4. So good to see everyone! Glad you all had fun! :o)


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