Monday, March 7, 2011

Ahh, Normal is Good!

                          I started out the day cleaning, washing and vacuuming-I just love Mondays!
Mom and I went to a newly opened quilt store just a few minutes away, LaRue's Quilt Cottage.  We found just the right fabric for borders for my batik quilt.
I loaded up a quilt from my friend, Millie, the other day and it is in the works on the quilting frame.  I will have to get my quilt borders cut and sewn so I can load it on as soon as I am finished with Millie's!
This afternoon, we dyed the silk hankies (matawas) that we purchased several weeks ago.  Sure is a delight to have Mom up to our usual craftiness again!  The silk is a protein fiber like wool so we used acid dyes just like I do the wool dyeing.
Each 'hankie' is made of many cocoons pulled over a square frame to dry, see all the layers of cocoons in this pile?!
 Here the silk hankies are getting a bath in warm water and vinegar.
We set up our dyeing station in the sunshine.  (Mom is leaning in to fit in the frame of the picture, not because of any lingering back pain!)
This is my choice of color, no surprise here!
Mom is dyeing this to match her coat so it is a bit of a surprise for her.  Nice work!
After baking them for a bit, we set them out to dry.  (See the visitor in the background?!)
While the silk was drying, we did a bit of knitting.  I am using up a skein of RedHeartBaby yarn for some baby hats to send to Community General Hospital in NY.  I forgot to take a pic of Mom's project, she is knitting a shawl to add to her pile for the Nursing Home in Oswego.
I have hit a bit of a stone wall in my knitting.  It happens sometimes.  I just can't find the project to make my heart sing.  I ususally have a ton of things I am anxious to start but every once in a while.....
I ordered some yarn from KnitPicks to make matching summer sweaters for Abigail and Marsel.  That should put an end to this block!


  1. I don't know about your knitting needles, but the thought of new pink summer sweaters makes my heart sing! :) So glad that Grandma is back to her usual vigor and that you guys have this month to savor and be busy together.

    Can't wait to see the batik quilt put together!

  2. Can't wait to see how the silk looks spun up. I need to drag mine out to spin.
    So thankful to our heavenly Father that your mom is alright. I love hearing about your craft odyssey that you enjoy together. It makes me wish so much that you were my neighbors. I am not sure a neighborhood could handle that.

  3. Good to see your mum is able to join in her usual crafting activities.

    How's your March Mystery 220 coming along?

  4. Finally--things are back to normal--nice to just see pictures of you both doing projects than in a hospital. Sharon

  5. you could always spin up your hankies and get inspired by the garden/azalea colours?:)) you are productive with the quilting - you must have finished at least 10 quilts before I even dragged out my one ufo!

  6. The hankies are cool! Where do you get them?

  7. Lovely, lovely colors on that silk. What fun that projects is going to be. Do I remember right that you are making mittens (or gloves)?

    Sweet little baby hats - some wee ones are going to be lucky to start life off in them.


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