Saturday, March 5, 2011

Spring is Sprung!

 The dogwood is blooming!
 Just a beautiful splash of white in the yard!
 Nearby, the clump of azaleas are opening and popping pink as we come up the driveway!
In the front yard, the mexican daisies are happy with the mild temps and the light rain!

Mom is home and the world is where it belongs again!
Thanks for the prayers and concern.


  1. The spring blooms are lovely...I need to plant a dogwood one of these years. Rejoicing with you that Grandma is home and doing much better!

  2. glad your Mom is home and things are better for her. Back to the quilting and the knitting. thanks for the update--she sent me an email with all the details--never a dull moment.Sharon

  3. Glad everything is ok with your mom :) Love the dogwoods!

  4. good to know that you're back to normal! and I thought our few colour blotches in the garden are a sign of spring - your colours is very bright already! love the pink....

  5. Praise the Lord for his loving mercy and kindness - and His answer to your prayers.

  6. I'm glad your mom is home and doing better. Love the dogwood, the colors are really subdued and soft looking

  7. Wow! I am (more than) a wee bit jealous. At least the sun is shining here and the boss came in from lunch without his coat. He said it was warm enough to leave it in the car.


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